Hello there, welcome to the Tarka website and brand new blog! I will start by introducing my self. My name is Catherine, and I currently live in the centre of York in the UK. I came upon this shop idea of selling Scandi children’s clothes, because in the local area where I live, I was hearing parents say there were not many places to buy bright coloured items for their loved ones. Everything was either pink or blue, and lacked imagination and rather insipid. Also there seemed to be a lot of boys being born, and their mothers seemed puzzled as to where to buy and how they could dress their little troopers, while at the same time express and enjoy themselves in the process, as they would do by dressing a girl. I thought there was a major lack of understanding and answers to this problem in the UK, because I had known for a while that Europe tends to be not so divided in what colour and styles they dress their boys or girls, and instead just enjoy the choice of colours and patterns.

I suppose I kept thinking of my own childhood in the 70s when the whole child care and learning approaches were changing, and the kids fashion obviously followed with lovely bright pictures of ducks on purple dungarees, and lots of orange everywhere! I remember there being no problems in wearing my brother’s hand-me-down brown and orange dungarees, or his green and blue striped T-shirts.

With my interest and history in working in surface pattern design, textiles and graphic illustration. I saw how my interest in patterns and colour could mix well with kids fashion. So here Tarka arrived!

Tarka believes that children and babies should be around lots of colour, imagination, and be inspired to play and learn. Tarka aims to find brands that adopt that approach and actually give children a choice so they can actually love the clothes they are wearing. All the items I choose are made of soft comfortable cotton. Tarka has a particular interest for the organic cotton and environmentally friendly materials that adopt these manufacturing practices.

This is a new and exciting time for my self and a learning curve! Please get in touch with any questions or any ideas or special requests. I plan to keep getting more exciting brands in stock as time goes by. I would be particularly interested in what parents feel is lacking out there in children’s products and aim to bring interesting solutions and ideas.

Many thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

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