About the brands

Li and Lo (Liandlo)

Li and Lo are friends from the 60s. There aim is to recreate some of the magic, colour and pattern from that fantastic era. The retro designs are all created with a sense of humour, and lots of playful, imaginative and clever details. Their aim is to inspire and excite! They are designed to be soft for play and movement and are available from newborn up to primary school size.

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Smafolk translates as “Small People” and was founded by Tana Kretzcmer in 2005. Smafolk is famous for making wonderful, colourful, retro inspired, comfortable clothes. Children love wearing the bright and stylish clothes. They are famous for using Apple pattern images because the Apple image is used throughout Scandinavia and Germany on just about everything. The prints include roaring lions, trains rolling over hills, smiling cats, duck ponds and many other subjects that would bring a smile to anybody’s face! Smafolk make their clothes from very high quality, eco-friendly Oeko-tex cotton.

Old Rectory

Old Rectory was founded 2010 in Ireland, Co. Wicklow by sisters Joanna and Stephanie Sloan. Born and raised on a farm in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and both sisters spending time working and studying abroad, have returned to live in Wicklow with their families, and to establish the Old Rectory Print Studio.

Joanna, a mother of five boys, previously ran her own interior design business. Sister Stephanie also has one son and achieved an MA in printed textiles from the Royal College of Art, London. She has gained a wealth of experience as a print designer in the interiors and fashion industry.

Together the two sisters have created in their own words “a range that is borne from a passion for vibrant prints, a love of capturing children’s curiosity and a desire to deliver to parents’, clothes that are kind to your child and to our environment”

Old Rectory, understand and appreciate the value of quality organic clothing that lasts; that is non trend-led, and is timeless in design.

Old Rectory work closely with European manufacturers during the production runs where every step is quality controlled and insured in the use of organic cotton, healthy working standards and Oeko-tex certified dyes.

Their prints have been inspired by the nature around them, and their Rabbit, Owl, and Birdhouse prints, inspired by their grandfather’s boyhood sketches, have been created using a 20th century wood block style, with a contemporary feel with large scale prints and an exceptional colour palette.

Their other prints Rectory Garden, Ballard Farm, and Swallows have been created with inspiration by their wonderful childhood on the farm. By capturing the elements from farm animals, their pets, garden and nature all around them. Again using the most beautiful colour palette and depicting a wonderful bold and retro style.

Urban Elk

Urban Elk is a relatively new label. The collections are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark by the company founder Pouline Kiertner. Urban Elk are definitely following the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and high quality.

Their products are directed at the 0-8 year olds, and their philosophy is to make sure that the clothes are comfortable to wear, and that the prints are designed to appeal to children.

Their cotton is so soft to touch, and you really can see and feel the quality of the garment. Since the start of Urban Elk, they have experienced an increasing demand on natural products. Products produced without any remnants of chemicals or harmful substances.

They have selected only to use water based print colours on all their garments, and chosen not to use plasticprints containing harmful compounds and chemicals. Their main line named the Urban Elk ORGANIC line, which is the line Tarka sells, try to use only fabrics made of 100% cotton, and avoid synthetic fabrics. They only use organically grown cotton. This not only enables the skin to breathe but also has a low impact on the environment.


Plastisock was created in 2005 by two designers Malin Jarbo and Emily Willman. The designers idea of Plastisock came from a dream to create more fun and colourful design for children. They work hard to create high quality, playful designs and colours, and are inspired by how children play and learn. They say “We make clothes for small people with big personalities!

Plastisock‘s soft cotton clothes are made out of Oekotex certificated cotton, manufactured in Turkey. The Oekotex ensure toxic chemicals have not been used during production. So this creates healthy clothing for your child, better working conditions during production and less toxic waste to better the environment.